Nancy Tretola
I started to use LUMIGAN for two reasons...1: to thicken my lashes, and 2: to make them stronger because they break a lot. It took about 6-8 weeks for me to notice any significant difference and I can not believe the results! My lashes are not only thicker and stronger, (I have had no visible breakage) but they are A LOT longer! If you try this, just stick with it and don't give up! The results are worth it!
S. Turpin
This is an amazing product. I bought this on a whim last year and have been using it nearly every day since. I barely have any eyelashes (genetics) and by barely, I mean probably 5-10 short bottom lashes and pretty short top lashes. Within a few weeks I could see the difference. New lashes were growing on my bottom lash line, and my top lashes seemed to be getting longer.
Lisa Lewis
Hi! Well to start off I would like to say that anyone who wants their eyelashes to grow for a cheap price should definitely use Lumigan! I have baby eyelashes and it's very hard to feel pretty with such short eyelashes. I started the treatment in my eyelashes and I already have much much fuller longer lashes. I'm sure if I use it for a few more months it will even grow longer. I truly recommend this.
Mrs. Phillips
I had forgotten how well Lumigan works until I ran out and didn't use it for a couple of months and then started using it again. It conditions my lashes, makes them much more healthy and allows them to grow longer and more full. I have more and longer lashes when I use this than when I don't.
P. Bowman
I bought this after reading the great reviews and, for the low price, I thought, "why not". I am SO excited to report that after ONE WEEK using this twice a day, I ALREADY see a difference in my thinning lashes!!!!!! I would not ever ever ever write such a statement if it weren't true-this stuff is WONDERFUL.
I bought this product a month ago, and Lumigan does  work. If you are considering boosting your lashes, buy this product. No, buy two of them.
my lashes were burned off years ago when a grill exploded near me. this helped my lashes and eye brows grow back quicker than my bangs or nose hairs :) lashes also grew back thicker than before and softer. I'm using it again to help lengthen and thicken my lashes. 
Good supplier, I retailed Lumigan in my country, all my clients love this product, thank you!!!
Lori Clayton
Lumigan really does work! Before Lumigan, I noticed I had more lashes after 3 weeks! I used it every day or night and some days I did it twice a day and I had no harmful side effects or discoloration and I have blonde eyelashes and brows. I have accidently got some in my eye and it did not hurt at all.
Tina M Hickman
OMG my lashes grew! When I first got the product I would put it on daily. Now I'm down to 2-3 times a week. I'm so happy with my thicker, longer, and darker lashes. I had light lashes, so they weren't visible without mascara (which I hate wearing). Now I can see my lashes and that makes me feel good
Elizabeth King
I am a long-seller of Lumigan in my country, and this store offered me the lower price lumigan than I ever bought from the other website. Very very good seller, I will continue to order.
Niclas Mann
Very good, will continue to order. Thank you.